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How to Design with the Mind in Mind

Photo of Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, University of San Francisco

User-experience design guidelines are valuable tools to aid designers in creating a positive user experience. They're based on human perception and cognition—how people perceive, think, and act. However, they are not simple recipes and should not be applied mindlessly. As a designer, you need to understand the why behind these design guidelines to be able to determine their applicability and precedence in specific situations.

If you understand the perceptual and cognitive psychology that underlies UX design guidelines, you’ll be able to enhance your ability to interpret and apply the design guidelines, and ultimately create better experiences for your users.

This Master Class is based on Jeff Johnson’s book: Designing With the Mind in Mind, 3rd edition.

You’ll learn:

  • The basic perceptual and cognitive psychology that underlies UI design principles, guidelines, and heuristics.
  • How to balance the trade-offs that inevitably arise in situations when guidelines appear to contradict each other.
  • Examples of good and bad designs.

With a more robust understanding of the psychology that underlies design principles and guidelines you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and create more intuitive experiences for your user and take your products and solutions to the next level.

Even if you cannot attend the webinar live, register to get access to a recording that you can watch anytime afterwards!

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

How to Get Started with Usability Testing

Photo of Cory Lebson
Cory Lebson, Principal and Owner - Lebsontech LLC

Usability testing is a popular and valuable UX research technique. It uncovers flaws in your designs and issues in the design process that could otherwise be overlooked. Through this method, you’ll gain qualitative data and insights into the efficacy of your product–usability testing allows you to solve problems before you move onto the next step of the process and consequently, hinder your success. Equipped with this knowledge you’ll be able to make significant improvements that will ultimately help to ensure the success of your products.

Not sure where to begin? UX Consultant Cory Lebson is here to help.

In this Master Class you will learn:

  • What usability testing is
  • When to use it
  • How to conduct usability testing
  • Various usability testing methods
  • And more!

Through this Master Class you’ll be able to get started with usability testing and create better, more effective designs.

Even if you can’t attend the webinar live, register to get access to a recording that you can watch anytime afterwards!

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Webinar starts in

04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

How to Design for an Aging Population

Photo of Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, University of San Francisco

According to the World Health Organization, by 2030, 1 in 6 people in the world will be aged 60 years or over. At this time the share of the population aged 60 years and over will increase from 1 billion in 2020 to 1.4 billion and will reach 2.1 billion by 2050.

Therefore, people over 60 are becoming a relevant target group for digital products. However, there are many age-related factors affect the ability to use websites, apps and digital products. To design inclusive and successful experiences for older adults, you need to understand the particularities of these users and build products that take into account their capabilities, usage patterns, and preferences.

Learn how to design for an aging population in this Master Class with Jeff Johnson.

You’ll learn:

  • Age-related factors that affect the usability of digital user interfaces.
  • How poorly-designed apps, devices, and websites can present barriers for older people.
  • Inclusive design guidelines.
  • Methods to design and evaluate digital products and services for older adults.

With a more robust understanding of how to design for an aging population, you’ll be able to create more inclusive and accessible experiences for your older users and create successful products.

Even if you cannot attend the webinar live, register to get access to a recording that you can watch anytime afterwards!

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

Games UX Foundations: Starter Edition

Photo of Om Tandon
Om Tandon, Head/Director Of UX, Wildlife Studios

The games industry revenue ($183 Billion in 2021) and the player base have grown exponentially since the launch of smartphones and app stores in 2007. Traditionally, people have always enjoyed playing games on PC, consoles and online platforms. However, with the popularization of smartphones, everyone now has a powerful and socially-connected gaming device at their fingertips at all times and wherever they go.

It’s common to perceive games as entertainment and leisure products with visually rich graphics, animated sounds, elaborate storytelling and varied interactions, so it’s easy to forget that they’re actually software products, and as such, they require the same good usability, interaction design and easy learning curve that users demand from any other software products. Moreover, the games industry is fast becoming more and more lucrative as a career—with millions of games out there and thousands more launched every year—causing demand for games UX design to skyrocket, in fact, right now the demand far outstrips the supply!

In this Master Class, Om Tandon will walk you through the fundamentals of games UX design, its differences from mainstream UX and what you need to learn to become a successful games UX designer.

You’ll learn:

  • What Games UX Design is.
  • Why UX in games is more about managing friction rather than eliminating it.
  • What makes people play and keep coming back to games.
  • The psychology of game habit loops - Core, Meta & Social loop design.
  • Game design and UX Design - Overlap and Collaboration.
  • Why player archetypes are more important than personas in game design.
  • And many more facets of games UX design.

This Master Class is for anyone who is interested in UX for games and for designers who want to transition from UX to games UX design.

Even if you cannot attend the webinar live, register to get access to a recording that you can watch anytime afterwards!

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Webinar starts in

04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

Beyond Design: Practical Tips for Freelancing & Creating Your Brand

Photo of Nakita M. Pope
Nakita M. Pope, Chief Chick and Principal Brand Strategist of Branding Chicks

How do you build a professional personal brand without losing the personal part? You may often feel like you need to be someone other than yourself when you're in a professional setting. Building a personal brand can be organic but the best ones are built authentically and strategically.

Once you know who you are and what you stand for, your reputation will speak for itself. Whether it's where you go to find clients, what your client onboarding process is or what clients you choose to serve, all aspects of your freelance business matter.

In this Master Class webinar, Nakita M. Pope will show you practical tips for freelancing and building your own brand.

You’ll learn:

  • How to think like a brand even if you’re a solo freelancer.
  • How to apply the elements of an effective brand (like storybranding, brand voice, messaging and design) to create results.
  • How to define your niche and define your audience.
  • How to genuinely connect with your colleagues and clients.
  • How to get and keep clients.
  • How to develop a workflow, process and communication structure that makes working with you a pleasant experience.

No matter where you are in your design career, building your own personal brand authentically and strategically will always give you an advantage! When you learn how to think like a brand, what makes you unique and how to better connect with clients and stakeholders, you’ll be able to open up new and exciting opportunities for yourself!

Even if you can’t attend the webinar live, register to get access to a recording that you can watch anytime afterwards!

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Webinar starts in

04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

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I’m definitely enjoying the courses so far, and looking forward to learning more. The website is an incredible resource for learning UX design skills and industry best practices. Big thanks for creating such a treasure trove of courses.

Angela, United Kingdom

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The Interaction Design Foundation is the right place for you if you’re in search for the perfect balance between academic rigor and practical relevance… Sometimes you need more than learning. You need someone to believe in you, because motivation is more important than knowledge. Motivation is what pushes you to learn. Interaction Design Foundation is all about that.

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Fernando Martinez Carreon, Mexico

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For a while I had been looking for online interaction design courses and I am really happy I found you guys. You’re doing a great job!

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I became a member of the Foundation to learn specifically about dashboards and to improve my English language skills. But I had a great surprise when I found that I could learn so much more! I always thought that online courses had a very limited grasp in learning, but the way that all the content was structured showed me that it is possible to build really good stuff in this format!

Thiago Franco, Brazil

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Interaction Design Foundation offers a fantastic catalog of UX courses. Members can take unlimited courses for free!

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I will definitely refer my friends to join the Interaction Design Foundation. ‘Innovative’ and ‘Informative’ are the two terms that describe the Interaction Design Foundation.

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