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Webinar with Alan Dix, Professor, Author and Creativity Expert

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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut at work? Ever worried that you weren't as creative as your colleagues or peers? Given up on a creative interest because you felt you weren't cut out for it?

If you're like most people, you've probably felt at least one of these sentiments at some point—and that's because there's a common misconception that creativity is something you have to be born with. The good news is that like with most skills, you can learn to be creative, practice your creativity, and ultimately, harness it to design great products!

When you train your mind to be creative, you will change the way you perceive the world, understand problems and visualize solutions. In this Master Class webinar, world-renowned HCI professor and creativity expert Alan Dix will teach you how to be creative on demand!

You'll learn:

  • Practical techniques to continuously generate new ideas
  • How to create both mental and physical spaces for creative thinking
  • How to manage your time to create dedicated time for creativity
  • Hands-on methods you can use to help your team ideate better
  • Useful methods to infuse creativity into your daily design practice

This design-focused study of creativity is based on Alan Dix's 30+ years of research and practice in creativity. This is your chance to learn his go-to methods for creative thinking. As one of the foremost authors and thinkers in Human-Computer Interaction, Alan's work weaves creativity with practical design experience, making his insights unique and highly relevant to the design community.

So join the Master Class webinar and take control of your creativity—and your career!


Alan Dix

Alan Dix, Professor, Author and Creativity Expert

Alan Dix is Director of the Computational Foundry at Swansea University, a £31m investment by the University, Welsh Government and European Union to create a place that nurtures fundamental digital research that makes a difference to real lives.

Alan has worked in Human–Computer Interaction for more than 35 years, including being co-author of one of the major international textbooks in the area. Alan has also authored numerous articles in topics from the design of menus, to bias in AI and rural technology.

His career has included university roles across the UK, dot-com era start-ups, and 8 years working for Talis—an innovative EdTech company. In 2013, he walked 1600 km around Wales as an exploration of technology in the physical and social margins.

Alan has been teaching creativity and innovation since the mid 1990s, based on a combination of reflective experience, existing knowledge and novel techniques—notably, the good things about Bad Ideas. Creativity is one of a number of areas which are treated as given: skills you are either born with or not. However, Alan believes that most of us can learn techniques that allow us to achieve things beyond our expectations. As well as creativity, this has included debugging, 'personality prosthesis' and tools for radical digital thinking.

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