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Disruptive Design: Is your UX future-proof?

Webinar with Kevin Bethune, Founder, dreams • design + life

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When technology evolves exponentially and new paradigms of interaction emerge each day, UX (user experience) design needs to keep pace with these innovations. As a UX designer, how can you determine which technologies are worth preparing for?

Join this IDF Master Class to learn how design and disruptive technologies go hand-in-hand, and what you can do to remain relevant in an ever-changing industry. You'll learn:

  • The new technologies that dominate the landscape today
  • How to follow and interpret tech trends
  • How to adapt your user research methods to new technologies
  • How to up-skill and prepare for the future of design

You'll learn from Kevin Bethune's 20+ years of experience in the intersection of design, business and engineering. Mastering an interdisciplinary skill-set and mindset can give you an edge in the industry and place you ahead of the competition. You'll benefit from Kevin's own insights about how designers can maximize their impact by working effectively with business and engineering teams.

Register today to join hundreds of professionals at this live Master Class! Even if you can't attend the live session, register to get a recording afterwards. Ideal for UX designers, engineers and product managers alike, this IDF Master Class will give you an expert perspective on how to future-proof your skills.


Kevin Bethune

Kevin Bethune, Founder, dreams • design + life

Kevin Bethune is the Founder of dreams • design + life, a consultancy that offers design & innovation services using a human-centered approach. Kevin’s 20 year career spans engineering, business and design in equal proportion, positioning him at the cutting edge of design and innovation.

Kevin began his career as a mechanical engineer in the nuclear power industry, where he gained deep product experience from projects with over $60 million in commercial impact. After his MBA, he joined Nike, where he drove advanced digital product creation capabilities in Nike’s Global Footwear product engine. Kevin developed a creative foundation through Nike and further studies, after which he helmed design & innovation ventures at two Tier 1 management consulting firms —Booz & Co. and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Kevin is widely known from his famous talks at TED, AIGA, Yale University and more. He also writes frequently for publications like Bloomberg, Design.Blog and DesignObserver.

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