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How To Attract Users Through Great Onboarding Experiences

Photo of Wes Bush
Wes Bush, Founder and CEO, Product-Led Institute and Author, Product-Led Growth

Great, effective onboarding is the difference between a user signing up for your product and never coming back.

It’s mission-critical to master for any Software-as-a-Service (Saas) business, yet, too many products get this wrong all too often.

In this Master Class webinar, Wes Bush, author of Product-Led Growth will show you how to attract and retain engaged product users. You'll learn the battle-tested onboarding framework Wes uses to create onboarding experiences that convert without resorting to short-term, salesy tactics.

Throughout his career crafting onboarding experiences for high-growth companies, Wes has gained an insider's perspective into most SaaS onboarding experiences on the planet. His onboarding framework has resulted in experiences that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. From his expertise, you'll learn:

  • What onboarding mistakes you might be making and how to prevent them
  • How to find bottlenecks in your current onboarding experience
  • How your onboarding experience can turn free users into happy, paying customers
  • How to build a plan of action to consistently improve your onboarding process

With this Master Class webinar, you'll ultimately learn to build a framework that gets your onboarding strategy right and primed for growth!

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