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Design Tokens: Powering Your Design System

Webinar with Henry Daggett, Design System Lead, Societe Generale CIB
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Design Tokens are among the smallest but most powerful parts of Design Systems. They unlock a deeper level of tooling for systems that can enable quick rebrands, theming and easy updates to all kinds of component styling.

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But what actually are Design Tokens? Do we need them? Who are they for? How do we build them and use them? And why is everyone so excited about them?

In this Master Class Webinar, Henry Daggett, Design System Lead at Societe Generale, will give a complete overview of Design Tokens; starting with their origins and actual usage in established design systems, to how you can begin building Design Tokens in your Design Systems and projects and show their value to stakeholders.

You’ll learn:

  • When and where to use tokens, and how to justify their value.
  • What level of tokens you need for different design system environments.
  • The difference between tokens, variables and styles.
  • How to begin creating tokens and use Figma variables.
  • How to name your tokens, so they are easy to use.

Join this Webinar to learn all you’ll need to know to get started with Design Tokens, alongside plenty of resources to help you understand and build them—whether you’re working on an established Design System or just beginning your journey into them.

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Henry Daggett
Henry Daggett, Design System Lead, Societe Generale CIB

Henry Daggett is a Digital Product Designer with a background in Fine art and Architecture. He currently leads Design Systems at Societe Generale CIB. He is driven by a passion for component design and seamless Designer/Developer collaboration. Beyond work, he delves into painting commissions, writes about Design Systems, and explores coding. Connect with Henry on LinkedIn for insights and design discussions.

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