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IDF Company Memberships: Group memberships for 2 or more


Excellent User Experience (UX) is a critical ingredient of marketplace success. With a Company membership at the IDF, you and your colleagues can learn UX design from our courses and global community, to build products with great customer experiences. Companies in all shapes and forms have grown with us—from SAP and Accenture to the British Parliament.

With a Company Membership, you can:

  • instructor-led courses

    Take instructor-led courses at home or at work – completely self-paced to accommodate for busy schedules.

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  • business problems

    Solve your business problems by getting help from our network of thousands of design professionals.

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  • industry-leading designers as personal coaches

    Get industry-leading designers as personal coaches to help you tackle your business challenges.

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  • hassle-free admin

    Have hassle-free admin access to your employees’ memberships and your corporate account.

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Companies that have grown with us

Accenture SAP GE Adobe Philips

What others are saying

A goldmine of information on interaction design.
Don Norman
Ivy League level education in UX, Product Design or Human-Computer Interaction. incredibly rich compendium filled with a wide variety of lessons and information.
Top-grade educational materials by the world's technology elite... on how to make technology more people-oriented and easy-to-use.
SAP Community Network

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Have questions?

IDF Company Memberships

What kind of payment options do you provide?

The easiest method is to use a credit card. For larger accounts, we offer to email you an invoice (e.g. referencing a Purchase Order ID) and you can pay using a regular bank/wire transfer.

And self-evidently:

  • Once you have paid the annual membership, there are no hidden charges/fees, no up-selling, no cross-selling or the like
  • You do not have a limited cancellation period and can thus walk away at any point
Can the members of our account take more than one course at a time?
Yes, each member can take as many as courses as they want. There are no further charges. The members of your account will also have access to our mentoring scheme, local meetings in over 200 cities world-wide, eBook versions of books, among many other benefits.

Are there any hidden fees?

You can rest assured that... :

  • Once you have paid the annual membership, there are no hidden charges/fees, no up-selling, no cross-selling or the like
  • You do not have a limited cancellation period and can thus walk away at any point
Can we change our Company Membership Plan later?

No problem at all. You simply choose who should be your account administrator(s) and he/she/they can add new members whenever you want - hassle free. In addition, they can reduce the number of members. This way, you will never pay too much or too little – you are in complete control.

Can a Company Account Administrator check employee compliance, i.e. can he/she see how active other company members are?

Yes, that's possible. But only to a certain extent.

We have attempted to strike the perfect balance between allowing company account administrators to get "just enough" insight into the activity level of each employee, without compromising the privacy of employees or creating an atmosphere where employees feel they are being "watched over the shoulder."

If you are an administrator of a Company Account, you can check the compliance of employees and their activity level in the following ways:

1. Course Certificates

  • We list the course certificates of each employee on their public profile page for each course they have completed. If an employee has started a course - but not finished it yet - it will be listed under the heading "Courses this member is taking".
  • If an employee has finished a course and achieved a particularly good result, the course certificate will include a distinction, e.g. "Top 10% course taker"

In other words, if you are an administrator of a Company Account you cannot read the individual course answers of your employees or see their day-to-day progress in a given course, but you can see the result of their activities, i.e. course certificates (which will have distinctions if the employee is particularly good).

2. Distinctions

When employees are particularly active on the IDF platform, they will earn distinctions which are also listed on their public profile page. For example, if employees are particularly active in seeking advice from other members, they will earn a "Top discussion contributor" to acknowledge their thirst for learning.


This balance between compliance and privacy makes it possible for administrators of Company Accounts to see:

  • how many courses an employee is taking
  • how many courses an employee has finished
  • if an employee has finished a course in the top of his/her class (i.e. a distinction on the course certificate)
  • if an employee has earned other distinctions, e.g. when being extra inquisitive in the discussions on the IDF platform.

Most importantly, this balance does not cause a non-productive atmosphere of distrust. And we are quite proud of that.

How can I get my manager to sign up for an IDF Company Membership?

You can persuade your manager to sign up for an IDF Company Membership, for you and your colleagues, by sending an email based on the template below.

Email template:

Dear manager,

I have been learning UX design from the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), and have made great progress towards learning how to design the best solutions for our company. As such, I would like to propose that we create an IDF Company Membership, to allow me and my colleagues to learn UX design from the IDF. An IDF Company Membership would allow the company to provide a high-quality design education for our entire team.

Here's 8 reasons why investing in design education for me and my colleagues makes sense:

  1. High quality design education at low prices: Forbes Magazine says the Interaction Design Foundation offers “Ivy League level education in UX, Product Design or Human-Computer Interaction”. Because the IDF is a non-profit organization, the company can thus get high quality training with low membership fees.
  2. Gain an edge over competitors: research by the Design Management Institute shows that companies who invest in design outperform the market by 228%
  3. Unique mix of theory and practical knowledge: IDF courses are crafted by academics and industry experts so that they provide the right balance between theoretical rigor and practical insights
  4. Useful templates and checklists: IDF courses provide specially created templates and design checklists that can be used directly in daily work
  5. Tap into a global community of designers: the IDF community has 470 local groups worldwide, where meet-ups happen for knowledge sharing
  6. Self-paced, flexible learning: IDF courses are fully online, with lessons designed so they can be done in as little as 15mins a day
  7. Discuss design problems with peers: online discussions make it convenient to reach out to thousands of designers to get advice and insights on design problems
  8. Greater company-wide UX design literacy: not only for designers, but also project managers and developers, to create the best user-centred product

Furthermore, if we sign up for an IDF Company Membership within the next 30 days, we will enjoy 1 free membership for every 5 memberships! We simply have to drop an email to after we signed up for a Company Membership to enjoy a free membership for every 5 paid memberships.

To sign up for an IDF Company Membership, visit this link:

PS: To give you some background, the Interaction Design Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation comprised of the world’s design and UX elite. For a PDF with more information about the IDF Company Membership, please see:

How many members do we need to sign up for a company membership?

The minimum number of members to sign up for a Company Membership is 2. If you already have some of your colleagues enrolled in our community, we can always merge existing accounts into a new company account.

How will we manage our company membership?
As soon as you become a member of our community you can set any person you want as your Company Account Administrator. This administrator will be able to
  • Add more colleagues to your Company Membership
  • Promote one or more of your colleagues to administrator(s) level - if you wish to have more than one
  • Remove colleagues from the Company Membership if they leave your company or switch roles within your company
  • Manage the billing e.g. add or delete a payment method
  • Change the number of members in the Company Membership so that you’re never paying too much
Are your courses only offered online?

As a member you will be part of a global community of practitioners who will help you understand content as well as help tackle your own business problems. For example, we offer group exercises inside each of our courses where you can learn from, and with, your peers. We have discussion forums where you can connect with members worldwide and we also offer regular meet-ups in 400 cities.

How can an IDF membership concretely be applied within my company?

When you take a course with the IDF, we continually encourage you to apply your new-found knowledge, both during and after taking a course. For example, in most exercises we encourage you to complete the exercise in the context of your current work instead of using "textbook examples"

Who are the intended users for your courses?

Our courses are designed with many different users in mind. From a UX Designer who is starting out at their first job, to a more senior designer who wants to specialize. There are plenty of offers to choose from in a wide array of areas. Additionally, our courses offer something for practically anyone from a Sales Rep, to a Marketing Manager. Design education can be applied and beneficial to all roles within a company.

How much time is needed to complete a course?

Once enrolled in a course, you will gain access to a new lesson each week, which you are free to complete without any deadlines and no end date either.

Why is the membership fee so low?

Our members pay a flat-rate, annual membership fee after which they can take as many courses as they’d like. This fee is set at a very modest price so that it becomes affordable for people all over the world to study with us for their whole careers.

What kind of support do you provide for business/company members?

Each IDF company membership has a dedicated relationship manager—an actual human you can talk to and consult for help with your account. So whether you’ve got a question about increasing the membership size, billing requests and enquiries, or need help creating learning plans for your colleagues, you can just pick up your phone to speak with a person familiar with your company’s unique needs

How can I make sure my company members remain engaged in the coursework?

With a Company membership, your Relationship manager will be able to provide you with resources to keep your team motivated and on track with their respective course agendas, and they’ll be your main source of contact here at the IDF - always just an email or phone call away.

How do I know which courses to choose for my company membership team members?

With IDF company memberships, your relationship manager is also your learning advisor, and can help draw up agendas for your entire team.

Your courses are online, so how will I connect with members?

At the IDF, you can find thousands of helpful designers in our global community. Discuss your problems in our forums to get valuable input from other designers, or head to an IDF meet-up to have an in-depth conversation with designers nearby. With IDF Local Groups in every city, you and your team can connect with UX professionals near you and gain fresh perspectives on your problems

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us!

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