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Every product or website should be simple and pleasurable to use but designing an effective, efficient, and enjoyable product is not achieved by simply having good intentions. This course, The Practical Guide to Usability, is designed to help you turn your good intentions into great products. In this course there is a strong emphasis on the 'how' of designing products with good usability. We lead you through some of the most important concepts, methods, best practices and theories from some of the most successful designer in our industry.

This course first identifies and explains some key terms and then proceeds to outline some of the most enduring and widely accepted user interface design guidelines.

In the second half of the course you will learn how to conduct usability evaluations and cognitive walk-throughs, with thorough descriptions and a step-by-step guide for each process. You are then asked to carry out your own evaluation and walk-through to cement the two methods in your mind for future projects. During the exercises you will develop a clear and deep understanding of users and how to test them to get the most important information in the shortest possible time (which will definitely put a smile on your employers' face).

Finally, we look at the practical application of our knowledge; posing various hypothetical situations to get you thinking creatively and using the knowledge acquired from the course. The exercises and questions have been carefully developed to ensure you have a clearly defined problem, without constraining your creativity when developing methods, strategies and approaches to solve the problem.

Like all other IDF courses, The Practical Guide to Usability is instructor-led, which means your answers will be marked and whenever you have any issues, problems or difficulties understanding things, we are on hand to help improve your knowledge, settle your concerns and ensure you have a great and productive learning experience. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and learn how to design great products!

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