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Behavioral Design 101: How to Design for Behavior Change

Webinar with Samuel Salzer, Behavioral Strategist and Habit Expert, Co-Founder of Nuance Behavior
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Can you understand and assess the potentially far-reaching consequences of seemingly small design choices? As designers, every decision you make influences user actions. You are shaping behavior, whether intentionally or not. In this Master Class with Expert Behavioral Designer, Samuel Salzer, you’ll learn how you can use tools, insights, and principles from behavioral design to thoughtfully and systematically design for behavior change.

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This session will demystify the concepts of behavioral design and product psychology, to show you what really matters when integrating behavioral science into your workflow. The aim is to enhance your ability to understand user needs and ensure your designs not only meet key product metrics such as engagement, retention, and low churn but also crucially influence the right behavior change.

You’ll learn:

  • The foundational principles of behavioral design, emphasizing systematic processes over quick fixes.
  • User research through a behavioral science lens, enabling you to navigate its complexities and leverage diverse viewpoints for richer outcomes.
  • Strategic uses of behavioral design tools like behavioral maps and behavioral personas, highlighting their unique advantages over traditional tools.
  • Practical, systematic approaches to apply behavioral design principles to boost user engagement and satisfaction.
  • The nuances of understanding user behaviors beyond what users can articulate—exploring the 'why' behind their actions, not just the 'what' they say or do.

This Master Class is crucial for anyone looking to significantly impact their design practice through the powerful lens of behavioral design. It's not just about adding new tools to your toolkit—it's about evolving your perspective to transform how you see and influence the world through your design choices.

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Samuel Salzer
Samuel Salzer, Behavioral Strategist and Habit Expert, Co-Founder of Nuance Behavior

Samuel Salzer is a leading Behavioral Strategist and Habit Expert, applying behavioral science at the intersection of product, design, and AI. As the co-founder of Nuance Behavior, a behavioral science collective, he stands at the forefront of the emerging field of behavioral design and is deeply engaged in how we can design digital products and services that change behavior for good.

He advises numerous tech startups, predominately in digital health, sustainability, and fintech. Samuel is also the co-author of the book Nudging in Practice - Helping Organisations Make It Easy to Do the Right Thing and the founder of Habit Weekly, the largest global community for behavioral designers, with over 15,000 members.

As a frequent keynote speaker, he enjoys exploring topics like how to drive long-term engagement and designing for habit formation. Overall, his work aims to help product teams harness the best of behavioral science to achieve positive behavior change in the world, at scale.

You can learn more about his work on his website.

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