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Become a great Interaction Designer with 18 courses in 4 parts. As an Interaction Designer, you’re focused on enabling seamless and engaging user experiences. Along this learning path, you’ll pick up skills that will help you produce just that.

  1. Foundation (2 courses)

    These foundation courses provide an excellent introduction to UX design and are recommended for everyone.

  2. Interaction Designer Beginner (8 courses)

    Learn the basics of interaction design and usability.

  3. Interaction Designer Intermediate (6 courses)

    Master how to design intuitive, efficient, and universally accessible interactions for different interface types.

  4. Interaction Designer Advanced (2 courses)

    Learn how users understand your designs, and how to create cutting-edge interaction designs for 2D and 3D software.

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How to Create Complex Tables Users Love: A UI Designer's Guide

Photo of Vitaly Friedman
Vitaly Friedman, Senior UX consultant, European Parliament, and creative lead, Smashing Magazine

Complex data tables can be challenging to design. When working on a table with multiple features, such as filtering, sorting, search, and editing, it can be difficult to ensure users can navigate it quickly and easily.

In this Master Class webinar, Vitaly Friedman, a senior UX designer with experience working with the European Parliament, will show you how to design better complex tables, with practical design patterns, usability guidelines, and real-life examples. You'll learn about the most common mistakes, how to avoid them, the best UX design patterns, and applicable techniques and strategies you can use immediately.

In this Master Class webinar, you'll learn:

  • How people use and navigate complex data tables.
  • Best practices to design filtering and sorting UX.
  • When and how to display modals and non-modal dialogs.
  • How to design better inline editing.
  • Strategies to avoid rage taps, rage clicks, and accidental mistakes.
  • Techniques to design better feature comparison tables and pricing plans.

Join this Master Class webinar to learn practical design patterns, usability guidelines, and real-life examples to create tables that users love. Improve the user experience of your designs and advance your career as a UI designer. Register now and become a table design master!

Even if you can't attend live, register to gain access to a recording that you can watch at any time.

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

AI-Powered UX Design: How to Elevate Your UX Career

Photo of Ioana Teleanu
Ioana Teleanu, Senior Product Designer, UiPath; Founder, UX Goodies

Are you a designer looking to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry? Look no further than the exciting artificial intelligence (AI) technology world! Learn how to incorporate AI tools into your design workflow and leverage powerful new techniques to automate repetitive tasks, enhance data analysis, and improve overall user engagement.

It's no secret that the design landscape changes fast, and staying relevant means embracing new tools and techniques. In this 1-hour Master Class with UX leader Ioana Teleanu, you'll discover the latest applications of AI in UX Design and gain valuable insights into navigating the challenges of incorporating AI into your workflow.

In this Master Class webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The current applications of AI in UX Design and how it's changing the industry.
  • The challenges of incorporating AI into UX Design and how to overcome them.
  • How AI will help UX Designers and why it won't replace them.
  • The skills you'll need to stay relevant in the future design market.
  • The importance of developing a future-open mindset as our world rapidly changes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of UX Design!

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

How to Manage Personal UX Maturity

Photo of Darren Hood
Darren Hood, UX Designer, Author, Speaker and Podcaster

UX maturity is an oft-overlooked facet of the discipline today. When it is presented, however, organizational maturity is what's usually focused on.

Beyond organizational UX maturity is personal UX maturity. How do we manage our personal growth and development? What types of things should we consider and observe. How do we ensure we’re on the correct path? These questions arise often, but the answers are fleeting.

In this Master Class, veteran UX designer Darren Hood will explore the concept of personal UX maturity, review strategies to help optimize your personal development and trajectory in UX, and drive an understanding of why personal UX maturity is critical to the discipline-at-large.

During this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to define and recognize the importance and landscape of UX maturity.
  • Why personal UX maturity recognition and management is a necessity.
  • How to evaluate and gauge your personal UX maturity level.
  • How to continuously identify and target areas for personal growth.

You’ll leave this Master Class empowered with sound, repeatable, and methodical approaches to help make the most of your UX journey. You’ll also leave with an important set of skills that will help you evolve into and/or serve as a viable ambassador for our discipline.

Even if you can't attend live, register to gain access to a recording that you can watch at any time after the broadcast.

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

Boost Mobile UX with UX Design Principles and Best Practices

Photo of Miklos Philips
Miklos Philips, Lead UX Designer/Product Designer

People have high expectations for their mobile devices—they want convenience, speed, and efficiency. Unfortunately, many apps fail to deliver a positive user experience due to poor design that disregards established best practices and standards for mobile UX. As a result, it's not surprising that 75% of apps are downloaded, opened once, and never used again. This lack of retention leads to significant losses for e-commerce sites and apps, amounting to billions of dollars every year.

The solution to this problem is straightforward: follow well-known conventions and "golden rules" for designing excellent mobile UX. In this informative and engaging presentation, participants will learn about specific mobile UX design best practices, interaction design principles, common usability guidelines, and accepted "laws of UX." Through examples of both good and bad design, we will explore practical methods for improving mobile UX.

Miklos Philips, Lead UX/Product Designer, most recently at the Financial Times, will talk about the crucial role of mobile design best practices and how observing them can significantly enhance mobile user experiences.

In this Master Class, you'll learn:

  • The crucial role of usability, a quality attribute in UX that assesses how easy mobile user interfaces are to use.
  • Well-tested and established mobile UX design best practices, standards, and conventions.
  • Best practices as we look at good and bad examples of onboarding, navigation, microcopy, notifications, icons, and more.
  • Interaction design principles: discoverability, signifiers, feedback, mappings, and mental models.
  • The vital role of mobile app and site performance in increasing conversions, boosting user retention, and growing sales.
  • The “laws of UX”: Fitts’s Law, Hick’s law, Jakob’s law, Miller’s law, Tesler’s law, and the Doherty Threshold.
  • Other ways to boost mobile UX: taking advantage of all hardware components in a smartphone to reduce friction and speed up interactions.

You'll leave this Master Class with a toolbox of practical techniques you can apply to your work immediately. Join us to discover how to reduce abandonment rates, increase conversions, and foster retention by applying the most effective mobile UX design techniques.

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

How to Design for Civic Life

Photo of Whitney Quesenbery
Whitney Quesenbery, Director, Center for Civic Design

Civic design identifies and fills gaps at the intersection of people and policy. It starts from skills in research, plain language, accessibility, interaction, service, and information design and uses them to make the government responsive and invite participation from everyone.

Whitney Quesenbery, Director of the Center for Civic Design, will look at what we can learn from civic design and how we can apply it to any form of user experience.

In this 1-hour Master Class, you’ll learn:

  • Why “democracy is a design problem” and what one looks like in the real world and in analytics.
  • How to create content for humans–and meet the challenge of reading and civic literacy gaps and structure information in bites, snacks, and meals.
  • Ways to use visual presentation to make complex information approachable.
  • How to design micro-journeys to make every interaction an invitation to participation.
  • How user research and design can shape the implementation of policy.

Whether you are interested in working in government, civic tech, civil reform or you are just curious about what it means to think about democracy as a design problem, this Master Class is for you.

You’ll leave with insights on the differences and similarities between commercial and policy-focused design that you can use to make your own work reach a broader audience.

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

How to Create Actionable User Journey Maps

Photo of Kelly Jura
Kelly Jura, Vice-President, Brand & User Experience at ScreenPal

Creating a user journey map from scratch can be a daunting process, however it’s a highly valuable skill and tool to possess for a better understanding of the user experience. Building on the foundations from her first Master Class, User Journey Mapping for Better UX, Kelly will lead an interactive, step-by-step process of creating a B2C user journey map using a persona and sample data.

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In this one-hour Master Class, you’ll learn:

  • How to construct a user journey map from scratch.
  • How to define the stages, goals, touchpoints, channels, challenges and emotions.
  • How to identify moments of truth that make or break the experience for users.
  • What you need in order to create actionable and impactful journey maps.

This Master Class is for anyone who is interested in better understanding the user journey mapping process to improve the experience for end users.

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04:00 PM (UTC +00:00)

UX Design is a Booming Industry

Job opportunities for people with design skills are increasing like never before (an estimated 13% increase from 2010 to 2020). And UX designer salaries are soaring—upwards of $110K in cities like San Francisco and New York.

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Job Opportunities
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