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A pie in the sky..!
Killing time
A tribute to outdated technology

Social Computing video 2 - Three Best Practices and Three Major Pitfalls.
The Action Cycle Explained.
User Experience - Future directions of User Experience and Experience Design.
Affective Computing video 1 - Introduction to Affective Computing and Affective Interaction.

Design for the Disabled.
Bifocal Display - Main Guidelines and Future Directions.
Conceptual Models.
Visual Representation - Alan Blackwell on applying theories of Visual Representation.

Communicating Action Possibilities.
User Experience - Marc's advice on designing with experience in mind.
Visual Representation - Alan Blackwell's Introduction to Visual Representation.
User Experience - Marc's main guidelines and ethical considerations.

Bifocal Display - How the Bifocal Display was invented and launched.
Bifocal Display - introduction to the Bifocal Display.
Learnability and Design.
Conceptual Models of Fle Systems.

Carelmans Teapot.
bifocal display concept video.
Affective Computing video 4 - Business value, value, and inspirations.
End-User-Development - Business Value - Applicability in Industry.

Social Computing video 6 - Social Computing: Visibility versus Privacy Manipulation versus Persuasion.
End-User-Development - Three Pieces of Advice Three Major Pitfalls and Three Best Practices.
End-User-Development - Gender Differences in End-User Development.

Affective Computing video 3 - Designing Affective Interaction Products Dealing With Stress.
Social Computing video 3 - Face-to-face Interaction as Inspiration for Designing Social Computing Systems.
Social Computing video 4 - Urban Planning as Inspiration for Designing Social Computing Systems.
End-User-Development - Future Directions.

Social Computing video 5 - How to do Research in Social Computing.
End-User-Development - Introduction to End-User Development.
Social Computing video 7 - How to integrate Social Computing in the Enterprise.
Affective Computing video 2 - Main Guidelines and Future Directions.

Diminished Reality video by Jan Herling and Wolfgang Broll 2010.
Philosophy of Interaction - Introduction to Philosophy of Interaction - and the Interactive User Experience.
Social Computing video 1 - Introduction to Social Computing.
Philosophy of Interaction - Guiding Principles of Interaction Design derived from Heidegger.

Privacy and Offline Life.
Philosophy of Interaction - Advantages and Problems with Cognitivism.
Social Computing video 8 - The Reason IBM values Social Computing.
Social Computing video 9 - Ethics in Social Computing.

Philosophy of Interaction - Guiding Principles of Interaction Design derived from Merleau-Ponty.
User Experience - Marc's introduction to User Experience and Experience Design.

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