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You Don’t Know What Perfect Is

by Laura Klein | | 14 min read

Agile teams are not great places to be perfectionists, mostly because we rarely know what makes something perfect. And, frankly, what designers think of as “perfect” is almost never the same as what a user would consider “perfect.” 

Instead of aiming for some nebulous version of a perfect design, aim for getting things good enough to learn from and iterate.

In this video, Laura Klein uses the analogy of a familiar household activity to explain how you can train yourself to think in terms of good enough, instead of “perfect.”

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The Take Away

Teams that can learn from user feedback and iterate on features tend to stress less about making a product “perfect” before it gets released. They know that, as long as it’s good enough, solves a user problem, and can be learned from, they can go back and make it better later. 

Unfortunately, a lot of teams that call themselves agile don’t ever go back and iterate, which makes this a tricky thing to implement. Work with your team to find out what good enough means for any given feature and then commit to going back and improving it once you have a better idea what “perfect” looks like. You may still never make it perfect, but at least you won’t waste a lot of time adding things that make the product worse!

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