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A goldmine of information on interaction design - Don Norman
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  • Aug 28

    Wireframing extravaganza

    • See interaction-design.org/denmark/copenhagen.html
    • AC Moellers Vaenge 15, Kbh SV
    • Hi all,

      The epic journey of developing a reporting tool for our (fictive) client "Big Bad Plumbing Agency" is drawing to a close.

      After great sessions with some intense bodystorming, persona building and feature specing we're finally ready to get creative with pen, paper and software.

      August 28th at 19 o'clock we'll be meeting up at AC Møllers Vænge 15, Kbh SV at Ålborg University's facilities.

      DON'T be scared of from participating just because you haven't been there for the previous sessions. You can either ding me and I will send you our collection of images and specs, or just show up in august.

      --- what else is in store for IDF Cph?!?!

      We're lucky to have some active and ressourcefull members in our group.
      Dorthe-Maj is currently testing the waters with some companies interested in service design. If that works out, we'll have a case to work on soon.

      And remember, if you suggestions for a group activity - professional or social - either suggest it in our LinkedIn group. Or, if you're shy, let me know and I'll get everybody on board.

      I look forward to seing all of you.
      Take care and enjoy the summer.
  • Local Leader of IDF Copenhagen

  • Aug 29

    IDF Santiago #3: Design for Service

    • See idf.posmo.eu/local-meetings/chile
    • Jose V. Lastarria 93, piso 2. | Santiago (Metro U.Catolica)
    • IDF Santiago #3 Es una actividad organizada por el Interaction Design Foundation en Santiago de Chile, la cual busca "incentivar" las conversaciones en Diseño avanzado y buenas prácticas propias de equipos multidisciplinarios del más alto nivel.

      En esta tercera versión, se conversará sobre el Design for Service (El Diseño para el Servicio), donde expondremos una breve presentación del tema e incentivaremos la conversación y apreciaciones de los asistentes a la reunión.

      IDF Santiago #3: Design for Service es un evento 100% gratuito que tendrá lugar en el Instituto Chileno Suizo

      + info en IDF Santiago
  • Local Leaders of IDF Santiago of Chile

  • ?? ??

    IDF Malmo Meeting 3

    • See https://www.interaction-design.org/sweden/malmo.html
    • Per Weijersgatan 6, Macau Bar at BEST WESTERN PLUS Hotel Noble House
    • Hi dear friends :)
      Let's meet up again to have another friendly discussion about good design ...
      Time: 5:00 - 7:30 pm , Friday - August 29th
      Place: Macau Bar at BEST WESTERN PLUS Hotel Noble House,
      Per Weijersgatan 6, 211 34, Malmö
  • Local Leader of IDF Malmo

  • Aug 30

    FrontInterior 2014

    • See frontinterior.com.br
    • Obeid Plaza Hotel, Avenida Nações Unidas, 19-50, Jardim Brasil. Bauru, SP
    • Second edition of this web design & development event. It starts on August 29th from 7:00 pm do 10:00 pm and continues on August 30th from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We'll have talks about responsive web design, web components and hybrid applications performance. The website (in portuguese) contains details about each talks and its speakers. Join us!
  • Local Leaders of IDF Bauru

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The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed.
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