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John Geddes

Course Editor at 1) The Text Vet 2 ) Revisiting English Grammar

Saint Petersburg Florida United States



Publication period start: 2015
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Trust – once you’ve got it, foster and maintain it!.

Trust – Building the Bridge to Our Users.

Equity Theory – What’s in it for UX designers.

The Process of Persuasion — How to Make a Casual Browser an Intrigued User.

Elaboration Likelihood Model Theory – Using ELM to Get inside the User’s Mind. Nobody can hope to persuade anybody with 100% guaranteed success: you can only design for persuasion. This is where the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) comes in.

Aristotle on Storytelling in User Experience.

Co-Cultures and Value Framing: Know your users.

The persuasion triad — Aristotle Still Teaches.

Plain Language—picking the right words keeps users coming and growing.