Course Description

Course Content and Goals

User experience is the key requirement of every product; digital or otherwise. You may already know this but getting your first job in user experience (or interaction design - the two terms aren't entirely synonymous, but throughout the course they are treated as though they are) can still be a challenge whatever background you are from. This course aims to help you bridge the gap between your knowledge and that first job - using tried and tested techniques that employers respond well to.

Recommended Background: What You Should Know

This course is aimed at university students, recent graduates and those looking to get their first role in UX later in their careers. It is a practical guide to getting the experience and the right CV, portfolio, connections, etc. to land you your dream job.

There is some overlap with the content of this course and our "UX Design from Scratch" course. However, the content has been dramatically extended when it comes to the relevant areas of job hunting and CV and portfolio development.

How the Lessons are Organized

There are 7 lessons in the course each broken down into a number of units:

  • Introduction - A brief introduction to the course methodology
  • What is User Experience Design all About? - A brief refresher introduction to UX and why it matters
  • What do User Experience Designers Do? - A look at the demands of UX in the workplace and the roles they occupy
  • Getting Experience in the UX Field - A look at how to gain the experience necessary to land your first job and an in-depth look at internships
  • The UX Portfolio and UX CV (Resume) - How to develop a portfolio and CV that sell you to employers and secure that all illusive interview
  • Getting Your First UX Job - Where to look, how to apply, how to conduct yourself at interview and how to negotiate the best deal
  • UX Career Development - Sources of further learning, how to build a professional network, how to manage a network on LinkedIn and career mentoring

The Benefits

UX is one of the most rapidly growing fields in design. There are great careers to be had in UX and they're open even to those who can't "graphic design". That makes UX a good career option for almost all would-be designers.

This course is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Introduce you to all areas of UX work
  • To enable you to get the experience in UX that would-be employers will look for
  • To help you develop a winning cover letter, CV and portfolio to get a UX interview
  • To help you get through a UX interview in the right way and to negotiate a job offer
  • To help you further develop your UX career

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