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What You’ll Learn

  • An introduction to all aspects of Human-Computer Interaction
  • How to carry out the design process involved in interaction design, navigation design, and screen design
  • How cognition and perception, which encompass attention, memory, thought, the “senses” play a role in affecting the experience of interactive design
  • How emotion affects user experience
  • How to implement windowing systems, applications, architectures, and frameworks
  • How to evaluate user experience using numbers and statistics

Interactions between computers and humans should be as intuitive as conversations between two humans—and yet many products and services fail to achieve this. So, what do you need to know so as to create an intuitive user experience? Human psychology? Emotional design? Specialized design processes? The answer is, of course, all of the above, and this course will cover them all.

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is about understanding what it means to be a user of a computer (which is more complicated than it sounds), and therefore how to create related products and services that work seamlessly. It’s an important skill to master, because it gives any company the perspective and knowledge needed to build products that work more efficiently and therefore sell better. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the Computer and IT occupation to grow by 12% from 2014–2024, faster than the average for all occupations. This goes to show the immense demand in the market for professionals equipped with the right computer and IT skills.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction and deep dive into HCI, so you can create designs that provide outstanding user experiences. Whether you are a newcomer to the subject of HCI or a professional, by the end of the course you will have a deep understanding of what it means to be a user and how to implement user-centered design for the best possible results.

This course is based on in-depth videos created by the amazing Alan Dix. You'll be in great company with this renowned professor and Director of the Computational Foundry at Swansea University, a specialist in HCI and co-author of the classic textbook, Human-Computer Interaction.

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Is This Course Right for You?

This is a beginner-level course suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike:

  • UX designers who want to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge to augment their experience
  • Project managers looking to understand how to build products that work intuitively
  • Software engineers who want a solid understanding of human-computer interaction and UX design
  • Entrepreneurs looking to create well-designed products that stand out from the competition
  • Marketers who want to gain a deep understanding of customers
  • Newcomers to design who are considering making a switch to HCI or UX design

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Lessons in This Course

  • Each week, one lesson becomes available.
  • There’s no time limit to finish a course. Lessons have no deadlines.
  • Estimated learning time: 36 hours 58 mins spread over 9 weeks .

Lesson 0: Welcome and Introduction

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 31 mins.

Lesson 1: Introducing Human-computer Interaction

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 27 mins.

Lesson 2: Interaction Design

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 9 hours 17 mins.

Lesson 3: Cognition and Perception

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 4 hours 22 mins.

Lesson 4: Memory

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 3 hours 12 mins.

Lesson 5: Thinking and Action

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 21 mins.

Lesson 6: Emotion and Experience

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 6 hours 50 mins.

Lesson 7: Implementation

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 4 hours 51 mins.

Lesson 8: Evaluation

To be scheduled. Estimated time to complete: 4 hours 7 mins.

Lesson 9: Course Certificate, Final Networking, and Course Wrap-up

To be scheduled.

How Others Have Benefited

Briane Paul Samson

Briane Paul Samson, Japan

“The course covered a large breadth of essential knowledge in order to start a research or practice in HCI. I liked how he used the same example or cases for some of the exercises to ensure coherence between the chapters.”

Walter Darcie Neto

Walter Darcie Neto, Brazil

“I believe the content of the course its an must have knowledge for every person who works with technology, either if working with design or coding.”

Francesco Manciocchi

Francesco Manciocchi, Italy

“One of the most comprehensive online lessons about designing a product for the user, thanks!”

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