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Action Research

Ch 33: Action Research

Technology and action are two elements that define what it is to be human. It is technology that has made Homo sapiens such a successful species, and it is the actions enabled by technology that will ensure that we continue to be successful à or meet our doom. No technological development has any value without action. Action Research (AR) is all...

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Build a common language by referring to design movements

Build a common language by referring to design movements

Let’s check out a couple of words that are vital to us. Without them or their functions, life would be a nightmare. It would take ages to get anything done! Thankfully, we have categorization and labeling to help us understand our world and communicate with others.Labels and categories are great, time-saving building blocks. As user experience d...

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Ch 28: Phenomenology

Phenomenology begins as a rigorous and systematic study of consciousness in the work of Edmund Husserl at the start of the 20th century. Phenomenological research has direct relevance to design since the artifacts, tools, and technologies that we make affect the way that we experience our surroundings, and this is what phenomenology studies. Emp...

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Aesthetic Computing

Ch 26: Aesthetic Computing

The phrase "Aesthetic Computing" while taken literally applies the philosophical area of aesthetics to the field of computing, and work in the area is broadly defined as such; however, in my operational definition for the work we do in my research lab and in teaching, aesthetic computing is treated as embodied formal language. The purpose of aes...

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The Evolution of Computing

Ch 1: The Evolution of Computing

“Computing is evolving to higher levels”   This chapter reviews how computing has evolved since it began, and what this means for "us all" who are building and using it. 1.1 A (very) Short History of Computing The first computer was conceived as a machine...

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