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Daniel Rosenberg is a global UX executive with the full range of skills in interaction design, usability metrics, game design and design management. He has dozens of publications in the field and is a frequently requested speaker at UX conferences and consultant.

During his period as UI Architect for Borland he invented many of the the design patterns still popular in contemporary GUI design. These include the design of the modern programming IDE and the use of "tabs" as an organizing principle for object oriented properties.

Books he has contributed to the UX field include the text book "Human Factors in Product Design" (Elsevier 1991) as well as chapters in the "Handbook of Human Computer Interaction" (Elsevier 1988), "Coordinating User Interfaces for Consistency" (Academic Press 1989) and "Usability in Practice" (Academic Press 1994). He was a founding editor of ACM's NetWorker magazine and is an active member of the interaction-design.org advisory board.

Global User Experience, Design Management, User Interface Design, Usability Measurement, Design Thinking & UX Strategy Consulting

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