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Roman Longoria is Vice President of User Experience for CA. Since 1990, he has been doing Human Factors and applied psychological research and design working within the software industry, NASA, the Department of Defense, and academics. Since 1995, he has been focusing on the design of enterprise software. In 2003, he founded the User Experience group at CA, which is responsible for product design, UI standards, usability testing, accessibility, and institutionalizing user centered design. He currently manages a global centralized services team, including user experience, accessibility, porting, QA automation, Business Objects report development, and platform compliance, among others. Roman is also a founding member of the CA Council for Technical Excellence . He earned his Ph.D. from Rice University specializing in Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He is a Certified Professional Ergonomist, (for more information on this see ) . He is also an internationally recognized leader in the human-computer interaction (HCI) community, serving on industry committees and leading organizations. He founded the Mobile Applications special interest group for the local BAYCHI chapter of SIGCHI and ran it from 2000-2003. He also serves on the National Institute for Standards and Technology committee for Industry Usability Reporting committee, providing requirements and feedback. He has over a dozen peer-reviewed authored works, invited talks, and interviews in magazine

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