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Jon Innes is a UX consultant who helps companies develop and improve user-centered design and research processes. His experience spans a wide variety of domains, including consumer and enterprise software, consumer hardware, IT projects, and ecommerce website design. Jon has led UX projects for several members of the Fortune 1000, both as a consultant and a member of an in-house team. He is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner, with extensive experience integrating Agile and UX in both large distributed teams and early stage startups.

Jon is a frequent presenter at UX conferences such as ACM CHI, and the Usability Professionals Association. He is also the author of several articles in UX trade magazines like Interactions and was a contributing author to the book User-Centered Design Stories: Real World UCD Case Studies. Before becoming a consultant, Jon was Director of UX at Intuit for the Quicken Division helping the company launch new products for the health care and online banking markets. Prior to that, Jon was SAP's first “Innovation Architect” where he helped the company build a team in California. Jon has held management and leadership positions at Vitria Technologies and Siebel Systems, and has worked in user experience roles at Cisco, Oracle, Symantec, and IBM.


Publication period start: 2011
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Elizabeth Churchill
Arnie Lund
Daniel Rosenberg

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Jhilmil Jain
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