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Chapter 11: Curated List of Research techniques

Ch 11: Chapter 11: Curated List of Research techniques

Since this book is intended for both designers and non-designers, we offer you a brief description of a curated list of research techniques. Our objective is not to turn our readers into expert user researchers, since we strongly recommend including a professional user experience researcher as part of the enterprise gamification team. We introdu...

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Chapter 5: Motivation

Ch 5: Chapter 5: Motivation

"Gamification is 75% Psychology and 25% Technology." — Gabe Zichermann Understanding human motivation is an important aspect of Gamification. This chapter will provide a sampling of motivational concepts relevant to gamification 5.1 The Platinum Rule You may have heard of the Golden Rule that says, "Do unto others as you...

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Chapter 6: Mechanics

Ch 6: Chapter 6: Mechanics

"Game Mechanics are constructs of rules and feedback loops intended to produce enjoyable gameplay. They are the building blocks that can be applied and combined to gamify any non-game context." — The Gamification WIKI Mechanics are the most visible part of gamification and tend to be the primary focus of most gamification projects. We like...

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Chapter 1: Mixing Work and Play

Ch 1: Chapter 1: Mixing Work and Play

"The opposite of play is not work, it is depression" — Brian Sutton-Smith Humans have an innate enjoyment of play, and games have been part of human civilization since the very beginning. Gamification attempts to incorporate game elements into non-game environments. In this book, we examine the application of these elements into business softw...

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Chapter 2: Player Centered Design

Ch 2: Chapter 2: Player Centered Design

"Games give us unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle." — Jane McGonigal When starting to implement gamification into your enterprise software, it may be difficult to know where to begin. It is tempting to jump straight to mechanics and start thinking about points, badges, and leaderboards. Instead, we suggest a different a...

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Chapter 3: Player

Ch 3: Chapter 3: Player

"In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play." — Friedrich Nietzsche 3.1 Know your PlayerKnowing your target audience is important to the success of any design endeavor, and gamification is no exception. It is helpful to know if you are trying to engage a twenty-five-year-old male call center agent or a forty-five-year-old female fi...

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Ch 0: Introduction

This book covers the intersection of enterprise software and gamification. Enterprise software refers to software that businesses use to run their day-to-day activities such as finance, sales, human resources, manufacturing, shipping, and procurement. It is typically purchased by companies as off-the-shelf software, customized and configured ...

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Chapter 9: Enterprise Gamification Examples

Ch 9: Chapter 9: Enterprise Gamification Examples

"Gamification is as important as social and mobile." — Bing Gordon, partner at Kleiner Perkins Gamification is still an emerging concept in the enterprise, so we do not have access to longitudinal studies on its effectiveness. The following examples are to provide inspiration for your own gamification endeavors. 9.1 Personal SustainabilityIn...

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Chapter 4: Mission

Ch 4: Chapter 4: Mission

"Begin with the end in mind""Seek first to understand, then to be understood" — Stephen Covey Mission refers to the goal of your gamification activity. It has to be identified with care, since it determines the ultimate success or failure of your efforts. In this chapter we will discuss the aspects to consider when choosing a meaningf...

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Chapter 7: Manage, Monitor and Measure

Ch 7: Chapter 7: Manage, Monitor and Measure

"Gamification is not a project...it's a program that gets invested in for the long-term. Those that understand that see the most impactful and meaningful results."."— Kris Duggan, Founder of gamification platform Badgeville7.1 Creating a sustainable gamification strategyWe recommend thinking of gamification as a program in your organization, rat...

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Chapter 8: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Ch 8: Chapter 8: Legal and Ethical Considerations

"If you use the power of games to give people an opportunity to do something they want to do, then you're doing good. If you're using the power of games to get people to do something you want them to do, then you're doing evil." — Jane McGonigal When gamification enters the enterprise, the laws and regulations governing businesses app...

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Chapter 10: Leveling Up

Ch 10: Chapter 10: Leveling Up

"Live and learn. Live to learn."— Chinese saying10.1 GurusThere are a number of gamification and game design experts who regularly contribute to the community via blog posts, videos, slides, interviews and tweets. We recommend you subscribe to them to continue your ongoing education and to be inspired. Here is our collection, in no particular or...

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