Photo of Ioana Teleanu explaining the differences between designing for AI and designing with AI

Why Is AI so Important and How Is It Changing the World?

by Laia Tremosa | | 21 min read

You've heard of AI and all the wonderful—and sometimes scary—possibilities. But, unlike sci-fi apocalyptic movies, AI isn't out to destroy humanity. Let's take a look at the challenges and opportunities we face as AI meets Design.

In this video, AI Product Designer Ioana Teleanu talks about the impact of AI on design from two perspectives: “Designing for AI” products and “Designing with AI”.

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How AI is Changing the World

AI is already reshaping our world, from its profound influence on healthcare and education to its transformative impact on transportation and agriculture. In this video, we'll navigate the intricate terrain of AI's far-reaching effects and explore the concerns it raises and its remarkable potential across diverse domains.

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The Take Away

In AI and design, we have two core aspects: "Designing for AI" and "Designing with AI".

  • "Designing for AI" means that we incorporate AI into the solutions that we design. Don’t think of products based on detailed commands; rather, express goals and let AI work out the steps. This changes the way we think about products and solutions.

  • "Designing with AI" means that we can incorporate AI into our design process. We can think of it as a partner and collaborator.  We can use AI as an exoskeleton and augment our capabilities.

AI brings both concerns and undeniable benefits. While some express worries about its rapid development, AI also holds immense potential. It can revolutionize healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, transportation, and productivity. Historically, such technological shifts have raised concerns, but they've ultimately led to new opportunities and societal changes. Thus, it's crucial to approach AI with a balanced perspective and recognize its dual nature.

References and Where to Learn More

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To discover more about the impact of AI on healthcare, read Revolutionizing healthcare: the role of artificial intelligence in clinical practice.

To discover more about the impact of AI on industry, read From Artificial Intelligence to Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0.

Hero image: © Interaction Design Foundation, CC BY-SA 4.0

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