The UX Daily Roundup – The Best of the UX Web this Saturday

It’s the weekend! (At least it’s the weekend in most places around the world). We’ve got some interesting material for you this Saturday too.

Product Design Excellence – The Point

Here’s a nifty idea, once again proving that simple is often the key to successful products, it’s a device that keeps an eye on your home – when you’re not there to do so.

“When you leave home, who makes sure all of your newspapers, back issues of TV Guide, and take-out containers are safe? If all goes according to plan, the Point has got your back.

The point is essentially a simple sensor that listens for loud noises – glass breaking, doors opening – and senses motion. If anything happens you’ll receive a notification, allowing you to deploy security drones or alert the authorities.

Created by Nils Mattisson, Fredrik Ahlberg, Marcus Ljungblad and Martin Lööf, the company has its roots in Sweden but is now based in San Francisco. Mattisson worked at Apple’s Exploratory Design before quitting to build this device.”

Find out more about the awesome Point here on TechCrunch.

Service Design Excellence – The 20 Year Old who Built a YouTube Review Empire

It’s not just products that can deliver the right user experience; services can too. Take a look at this 20 year old who delivered that experience to millions:

Marques Brownlee is a YouTube sensation. The tech-review prodigy has 1.8 million subscribers—more followers than Kanye West, Marvel, or Disney Animation. Under the username MKBHD, he tests everything from cameras and headphones to Google Glass and the latest Tesla. This summer he got his hands on a sapphire crystal display rumored to be for the iPhone 6. In the video, which has gotten about 8 million views, he took keys, his foot, and even a blade to the screen with no result. (Though a follow-up featuring comedian Joe Rogan wielding a crossbow proved it's not indestructible.) The best part: This gadgetry powerhouse is a 20-year-old kid from New Jersey.”

Find out all you need to know about Marques Brownlee at Wired magazine here.

Designer of the Week

If you thought we’d forgotten our designer of the week; we absolutely haven’t. This week’s winner is ArunPattnaik and we think you should check out his excellent portfolio here.

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