The Wicked Wednesday UX Round Up – The Best of the UX Web as Always

It’s Wednesday and while this would normally be a bad thing; for many it’s a day of celebration as it’s also Christmas Eve. Before you get stuck into the pre-Christmas celebrations; we’ve still got some great material from the wider UX web for your entertainment today:

Tell Me About You!

If there’s a question that most of us aren’t that well prepared for it’s that huge; “So, tell me about yourself!” that comes at a job interview. Liz Ryan of Forbes; takes a look at how that breaks down and how we should really answer the question…

“One question that still throws job-seekers for a loop is the question “So, tell me about yourself!”
It isn’t a question, of course – it’s a request or command. In this column, we’re calling it a question.  

However we classify “Tell me about yourself!,” you’ve got to have something intelligent to say when you hear it.”

Find out Liz’s recommended approach here.

Existentialist Trap Alert!

Design and UX almost made us evaporate at our desks this morning. They’re asking the question; “Does user experience design exist?” And for our money – it does but find out why it might not:

“I stumbled across a post this morning (from back in 2008 by Zurb) titled “User Experience Design Does Not Exist“.

 It caught my eye, because this is something that has crept back in my mind (again and again) – and as a user experience designer myself, it makes me feel a bit uneasy…but that’s a good thing.”

Find out over at Design and UX now.

Dear Liza

There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. Well that’s what this article at UX Mag made us think of but buried beneath our childhood nostalgia there’s an important point well-made here:

The first rule of e-commerce is, make it easy for people to give you money.But a ubiquitous practice on e-commerce sites breaks this rule big time: When users click/tap “Check out now,” sites intercept them with a demand that they first create an account or log in to an existing one.

By requiring users to have an account as a prerequisite for making a purchase, they are telling would-be buyers, in effect, “Unless you have an account, we don’t want your money. Go away.”

Find out all about that gushing hole in your bucket here.

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