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How your hobbies influence your work

Many of us have strange and unusual hobbies. Some of have vast collections of objects, some of us like to recycle old materials into something new. We all need to escape and get busy with other activities besides being stuck in front of our screens all day. If you don’t have anything else, we highly recommend you go and find something as they can be inspiring on a personal level as well as having the same effect on your clients, taking you from an all-purpose designer to industry superstar!

Take the leap and chart your course for future success as well as much needed stress relief. Take a step back and think about it: if your career as a designer is purely focused on getting the next pay check, you are probably missing out on 99% of what’s possible as a design professional.

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So, less is more?

We’re all trying to find that Holy Grail of creating products which our clients feel is the most simple and make things as easy as possible for the end user. Both apple and Google have been hailed as revolutionary with its vast number of users celebrating simple aesthetics across UX related publications, yet when we look a the other end of the scale we see a number of products that don’t necessarily have the same amount of simplicity and usability.

“Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away.”Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

So, less is more? This is not necessarily the case as simplicity has nothing to do with quantity but rather in how we communicate simplicity.

While this is true in a number of arguments, we need to focus on the fact that taking away something may positively or negatively impact simplicity.

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What does your CEO really know about design?

Nowadays, design is seen to be on par with technology when it comes to the final product. One great example is the Model T ford which was offered in one style and any colour as long as it was black whereas nowadays as technology has matured, design is now the differentiator in the car market.

The focus on the Model T was getting the technology correct to support the automotive networks of the time as well as just getting the car from point A to point B reliably. The change came when the infrastructure was developed enough and technology good enough that purely a functional car wasn’t enough, users wanted more. Design then became the differentiator.

Design and form is now brand! Design is simplicity and many other factors.

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