The UX Daily Round Up this Tuesday – The Very Best of the UX Web

Welcome back to the UX Daily Round Up we love putting these together for our community; it exposes to us some of the wildest and most wonderful ideas in UX. Then we get to share it with you, which makes it even better! So without any more fuss let’s take a look at today’s goodies:

How To Pick a WordPress Theme?

This may be one of the most challenging subjects to have been tackled on the web. There are millions of choices in WordPress themes; possibly more choices than there are actual WordPress websites. Smashing Magazine takes a critical look at what’s really important when you choose a WordPress theme:

“Economists have taught us that a lot of choice is not always a good thing. Having many options can lead to “analysis paralysis” and a feeling of being overwhelmed, due to the increased effort required and the level of uncertainty in making the right choice.

With a nearly unlimited pool of WordPress themes to choose from, it becomes so easy to feel overwhelmed and resort to inaction or choosing a low-quality theme. In cases where you have a lot of options, it pays to know exactly what you need.”

Find out how to pick your WordPress theme at Smashing Magazine here.

Your Own Personal Impact

Don’t start singing a Depeche Mode ditty; do think about the way that our work impacts on the world and the people around us. That’s what they’re doing over at Core 77 any way:

“The modern designer/manufacturer/consumer loop isn't sustainable. That's well-covered territory and the subject of books, lectures and articles by people that are smarter and much more qualified to speak on the subject than me.

But as a product designer going into the holiday spend-a-thon™, the realities of a society obsessed with stuff always hits me particularly hard this time of year. Every product that we design, produce and sell uses finite resources that will eventually run out. Mass-produced products are easily replaceable (read: disposable), which compounds the problem. And, sadly, the only inexhaustible part of the loop seems to be consumers' incessant demand for more."

Find out more and what we can do to be better designers here.

Large Screens and Design

How do you handle the large screen smartphone in your design phase? Luke W explains why this is so important:

“In his analysis of 1,333 observations of smartphones in use, Steven Hoober found about 75% of people rely on their thumb and 49% rely on a one-handed grip to get things done on their phones. On large screens (over four inches) those kinds of behaviors can stretch people’s thumbs well past their comfort zone as they try to reach controls positioned at the top of their device.”

Find out more here at Luke W’s blog.

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