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The Importance of Character

Jessica Helfand examines the importance of your character in making important changes:

“Straight up the coast from Cape Town—past Namibia and Nigeria, beyond Angola and Cameroon—sits the Republic of Ghana. It is a small country, about the size of the state of Oregon, with a constitutional democracy and a population of just under 30 million. Over the course of the last thirty years, poverty in Ghana has declined, but a fundamental lack of infrastucture—access to economic opportunity, to agricultural production and food security, among other things—has slowed progress on multiple fronts. Only a small percentage of Ghana’s roads are paved, making transport (indeed, making everything) more onerous for its inhabitants, many of whom are refugees from other African countries.

Just yesterday in New York City, I met a taxi driver who emigrated from Ghana fourteen years ago and has not returned since. A college graduate, he is the eldest of seven and has, single-handedly, financed all of their educations—all have gone to university. One brother is a physician, another is in graduate school. A sister studies in the United Kingdom. The impact this man has had on his siblings’ lives is a result of great sacrifice, yes—but more importantly, it's because of his character. “

Find out what she has to say here at Design Observer.

The Best Jobs for the Worst Designers?

SpeckyBoy’s Addison Duvall is exploring the quandary as to why so many great design jobs go to people who aren’t so great:

“We’ve all heard the saying “a designer is only as good as his/her clients.” Some designers, regardless of skill level or experience, seem to always have the most interesting assignments that are creative, challenging, and highly paid, while others, who may have more experience, technical skill, or talent, get stuck working for peanuts on unfulfilling, low-level work.

Why is that? Why do mediocre and bad designers seem to always get the best jobs, while good, talented designers struggle in obscurity?

The answer almost always has to do with marketing. Every designer’s Achilles’ heel, marketing is nonetheless a vital part of freelancing success. In this article, I’m going to share some tips on how good designers can market themselves to exactly the kind of clients that will best suit their services.”

Find out what they have to say at SpeckBoy here.

What We All Want to Say about the Apple Watch

Fast Company are saying what most of us are dying to say; the Apple Watch isn’t going to be the same kind of successful product as the iPad:

“Few analysts or writers will outright say it, but I will: the Apple Watch is going to flop. And I bet a lot of other people are thinking the same thing for many good reasons.

Apple has become a perennial hit maker, the company other companies copy. Apple really gets design. In the past 14 years, it has given us the iPod (the prototypical MP3 player), the iPhone (the prototypical smartphone), the Macbook Air (the prototypical laptop), and the iPad (the prototypical tablet).”

Find out the whole story at Fast Code Design here.


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