How to Earn Your Course Certificate

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You can get your Course Certificate as soon as you score at least 70% of the course points. You earn course points whenever you correctly answer course questions.

To gain greater recognition, we encourage you to aim higher than 70%. That’s because you can earn the “Top 10% Course Taker” distinction when you earn 90% of total points, and the prestigious “Best in Class” distinction when you score full marks. These distinctions will not only appear on your Course Certificate, but will also be displayed on your profile.

Example of a course completion certificate.

An example of a Course Certificate with the “Best in Class” distinction.

Once you score at least 70% of the course points, you will see the “Generate certificate” button appear on your course progress bar. To generate your certificate, click the button. It will then appear on your profile page.

Screenshot of the progress bar at the top of all courses, showing score earned in the course.

When you’ve scored at least 70% of course points, the “Generate certificate” button will appear below your course progress bar.

We encourage you to showcase your Course Certificates on your LinkedIn profile and résumé for maximum impact on your career!

What types of questions do I have to answer?

Our lessons contain two types of questions: multiple choice questions and open-ended questions.

  1. Multiple choice questions are graded instantly. Each correct answer usually gives you 1-5 points.

  2. Open-ended questions are answered in full sentences or short paragraphs. Your answer will be graded by your instructor within 2-3 weeks. Each correct answer usually gives you 5-10 points. While you are waiting for the grading, they will appear as “potential points” on the course progress bar.

Screenshot of progress bar with potential points shown separately along with total score.

While waiting for your instructor to grade your open-ended answer, you will be awarded potential points (see the dotted line in the course progress bar above).

Once your open-ended answer(s) are graded, your potential points will then be converted into the “real” points awarded by your instructor.

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