Don Norman on How to Move Up in a Company: Think Big!

by Rikke Friis Dam | | 6 min read

How can you move up in a company? Learn the fundamentals of business such as statistics, finance, accounting, marketing, supply chain and administration. How do you do that? One way to do this is to get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. But Don says you can also learn them without going to school. When you know these fundamentals, you can take a broader view beyond your own work, think in systems and design in a way that benefits the whole company, society and the world.

“Think broadly, think in systems. Think about the company, society, the world.”
Don Norman

Don Norman, co-founder and Principal Emeritus of Nielsen Norman Group, is trying to mobilize the current and next generations of designers to use their insights in design as a way of thinking to solve the world’s major societal issues.

Moving up in a company can have many benefits, but most important for designers is gaining the knowledge and authority to steer its path toward addressing important problems. Watch the video below to learn how Don Norman thinks about this!

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