Ideation Method: More Specific and More General

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Do you prefer to think abstractly or concretely? It can help you see your problem area from a different perspective if you move between the two types of thinking when you work with ideation and design. In UX design, we often start with quite vague sketches of an abstract idea, but then move to high-fidelity prototypes or detailed scenarios. As with so many dichotomies the real funand innovationis often in the interplay of the specific and the general, the abstract and the concrete. In this video, “Be Specific, Concrete and Physical” as well as in the template below, you’ll learn to ideate in a more specific as well as a more general manner. This will help you take advantage of both abstract and concrete thinking when you ideate for creative projects.

Download our More Specific – More General Template

Do you want some more guidance on how to get started? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve created just that guide for you. You can find our step-by-step guide on how to use the More Specific – More General ideation method here.

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More Specific and More General More Specific and More General
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