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Mandatory vs. Optional Lesson Items

| 3 min read

Mandatory lessons

Mandatory lessons are lessons that contain questions, and will thus help you earn course points. We highly recommend answering all questions since that will reinforce your learning as well as count towards getting your Course Certificate. This very lesson item, for instance, is a mandatory lesson since it contains a question.

Mandatory lessons are indicated on the course navigator on your left by a light gray circle.

Screenshot of light gray circle, that indicates a mandatory lesson.

Mandatory lessons (above) are indicated by light gray circles

Once you’ve completed all questions in a mandatory lesson, the circle will turn into a circular tick.

Screenshot of a green circle with a tick, that indicates that all questions in the mandatory lesson have been answered.

Mandatory lessons with all questions answered (above) are indicated by a tick

Optional lessons

Optional lessons are lessons without questions. These include discussion lessons and lessons that contain additional information that you might be interested in. Optional lessons won’t score you course points, but they still provide excellent educational value and we encourage you to read them in full.

Optional lessons are indicated on your course navigator by a dotted circle.

Screenshot of a circle with a dotted outline that indicates an optional lesson.

Optional lessons are represented as dotted circles, as shown above.

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