Free E-book Bundle: Agile UX Best Practices

by Mads Soegaard | | 3 min read

Created by the collaborative design platform UXPin, the Agile UX Best Practices Bundle offers 3 example-driven e-books in a single download.

Totalling 200+ pages, these books include how-tos, screenshot visual aids, and real-life process case studies from companies like Slack, 3M, Autodesk, and more.

Let’s explore the e-books inside the bundle.

1. Agile UX: A Step-by-Step Survival Guide

Author Germaine Satia, a 14-year veteran product manager in the U.S., European, and African markets, shares her professional wisdom on topics like:

  • How to quickly validate product concepts

2. The Guide to Agile UX Design Sprints

Written by Lead Designer Alex Gamble from Price Waterhouse Coopers Ventures, this 93-page playbook explores methods developed from leading 50 design sprints:

  • A day-to-day framework for running all the user research, ideation, prototyping, and testing activities in a design sprint
  • The best ways to build functional prototypes as quickly as possible
  • 3 real case studies from his work at PwC Ventures

3. Real-Life UX Processes

Real-Life UX Processes explains the step-by-step product design process at companies like Autodesk, Slack, Kaplan Education, Sumo Logic, and 3M Health Care. Designers and design leaders in each company explain:

  • Successful processes and activities for discovery, research, design, and user testing.
  • Tactics for collaboration within the design team and with stakeholders
  • How to minimize documentation without confusing developers

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