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Martin Harrod

Author: Martin Harrod


Martin Harrod has over 15 years of real world experience in the design and implementation of technology systems. This experience gives him a keen insight on how an organization can better leverage their technology investments. He simplifies his approach into four basic success criteria: 1) Users adopt the solution 2) The solution solves the business problem for which it was intended 3) The finished solution meets the technical criteria with an appropriate level of quality. 4) The project is completed more or less on time and on budget Of the four criteria, user adoption is the most complex and arguably most important to the success of any technological design. Martin's rigorous study and commentary on the affect human factors have on technological design have made him a leader in this space. He consults regularly with experts from a wide variety of social, technical, and business fields allowing him to create synergistic solutions to the human-machine interaction problems. Raised in Edmonton Alberta, Martin now lives in the Metro Vancouver with his wife and family and spends his non-working time enjoying the outdoors and trying to pass on his love for technology to his young son.


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