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Christian Stary

Author: Christian Stary

Christian Stary is a Professor for Business Information Systems at University of Linz, Austria. His research areas include Interactive Design of Socio-technical Systems, Business Process Management, Conceptual Modelling and Knowledge Management. He has published on these topics highly relevant research papers and articles, among others in IEEE Transactions on Man, Systemcs and Cybernetics, Interacting with Computers, Int. Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Computers in Industry. He plays a leading role in European research projects, such as TwinTide for method transfer in UI design and evaluation. He is member of the editorial board of international journals, among them UAIS. He is one of the founders and chair of the Competence Center on Knowledge Management, the ICKM (Int. Council on Knowledge Management), and organizer of several academic events on interactive systems, business process and knowledge management.


Publication period start: 2011
Number of co-authors: 20


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Stefan Oppl
Simone Stoiber
Andreas Auinger

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Philippe A. Palanque
Gilbert Cockton
Jean M. Vanderdonckt


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