Design Failures

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Steve Jobs once said: ''Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.''

Normally, we like to showcase great design but there’s a lot you can learn from dreadful design too. We don’t think Steve Jobs had anything to do with the 30 howlers that follow. From lousy usability to no utility we’ve got all your design failures covered here.

Check out the ATM below. You have to wonder what the designers were drinking before they let this leave the drawing board. Perhaps, there is an abundance of giants in their neighborhood? It’s the only reason we can think of for letting this go ahead…

1. When you really need to examine the time in 3-dimensions

2. A bit of a bum deal for this children’s playground

3. Thou shall not pass!

4. Social Media.. Social Toilets... is this the next big thing?

5. It’s probably time to take the stairs…

6. These people always see something positive

7. A door into the unknown

8. In case of fire, please… find somewhere else to put it out.

9. The urban rollercoaster, no seat belts available.

10. The serial killer’s playground

11. We’re on the escalator to nowhere… come on and bump.

12. Architectural masterpiece

13. All you need now is an all-terrain wheelchair…

14. Hey Marty Mcfly is this your house?

15. See no evil!

16. How about proofreading it first?

17. You probably don’t want to do this…

18. Will it be fried eggs or a trip to hospital tonight?

19. The order in which you put the words really matters.

20. This bird is twice as hungry as other birds…

21. The family that should have bought better life insurance?

22. The new look for alien life forms this spring!

23. Big Brother is watching you!

24. And they say pride goes before a fall…

25. East is the new South!

26. Kevin from “Home Alone”: We don’t need spoilers like this…

27. Venn Diagram: Has there ever been such a clear case of doing it wrong?

28. We know a few parents who might adopt this as their slogan

29. IKEA usability case.

30. Take a step into the unknown.

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