A Mix Between Video-Based and Text-Based Lesson Content

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Notice how an earlier lesson item was video-based whereas this lesson item is a mix of text and illustrations? Some people find it easier to learn from video-based content, others prefer text-based learning. If you switch between the two, you’re asking your brain to operate and absorb knowledge in different ways—and that will improve your memory of the content. That’s why we intentionally create courses with a mix between video-based and text-based content.

Some of our lesson items are video-based, such as the one above from “Mobile User Experience (UX) Design”.

Some of our lessons, on the other hand, contain a mix of text and illustrations.

Courses from the Interaction Design Foundation are your mental gym

A model of the human brain with the image of a man working out in a gymnasium superimposed on it.

It’s very important to get your brain to switch between video content and text content, even if you find one of them challenging. This is due to the fact that your brain acts very much like a muscle; the more you train it, the more it grows. Athletes observe the same principle; they continually change how they train their muscles, which is the most effective way of building real muscle mass.

If you’re the type of person who prefers to watch rather than read, because reading makes your brain tired for example, then just think: A muscle gets tired when you are training it in an effective way and—as a result—it’s growing.

That’s why you should embrace the tiredness—whenever you get tired during a course from the Interaction Design Foundation, congratulate yourself on the fact that your mental muscles are growing!

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