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Guidione Machava

Staff Product Designer

Montpellier Occitanie France

IxDF Distinctions

Distinctions are conferred upon Guidione Machava in formal recognition of their notable achievements and contributions, as stipulated by the IxDF Educational Codex.

Assiduous Learner Award Distinction Assiduous Learner Award
Certified Course Completer Distinction Certified Course Completer
Community Influencer Distinction Community Influencer
Country Manager Distinction Country Manager
Local Group Member Distinction Local Group Member
Local Leader Distinction Local Leader
Meet-up Organizer Distinction Meet-up Organizer
Top 10% Course Taker Distinction Top 10% Course Taker

IxDF Course Certificates Earned

IxDF Course Certificates are awarded to Guidione Machava in formal recognition of their coursework surpassing the rigorous benchmarks of exceptional performance established by the IxDF Educational Codex.

Courses Taken by Guidione Machava

IxDF Online Courses set the industry gold standard for learning design, taught by experts from industry leaders like NASA, Google, and Adobe.

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Course completion certificates

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