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Welcome to IDF Linkoping. We are a growing group of people with mixed backgrounds who are interested in Interaction Design, User Experience, Innovation, User Research, Customer Experience and Creative Digital Design. The group is still rather new and we have yet to settle on dates for a meet-up or event. Please all the interested members in and around Linkoping, join our group here on IDF and/or facebook and help get the ball rolling. We hope to meet, share ideas and discuss and learn from each other. Let's start our network and have fun together. Please join us: You will expand your professional network in Linkoping, learn a lot, and have fun!
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Upcoming meet-up

What craft skills do an interaction designer need

event dates May 13, 2020, 16:00 — 18:00 (UTC +02:00)
Board room or event arena at Creactive, Teknikringen 7, Linköping

For this exciting meet-up we have none other than Jonas Löwgren, Professor in Interaction Design, Board member of Interaction Design Foundation, and renowned researcher.

Jonas will talk about the topic, ”What craft skills do an interaction designer need to work on innovative forms of interaction? My argument is that the making of disposable sketches in hardware and software facilitates innovation. In the talk, I will provide some examples and some design-theoretical reasoning, in the hope of stimulating an interesting discussion of innovative interaction design practices.”

The event will be held in Mjärdevi, Creactive. Depending on how number of attendees, we will either be in Styrelserummet (2nd floor) or the Event Arena (1st floor).

Come and bask in the knowledge, bring a colleague, learn something new.

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