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Welcome to IDF Tokyo, Japan's largest IDF local group. We hold regular cafe meetups, study groups and workshops in Tokyo. This group has over 100 members, so feel free to ask questions about UX, or about working in Japan etc. in the discussion area. Anyone can host a meetup, so don't hesitate to schedule one if you'd like to help out! 日本最大のIDFグループへようこそ!定期的に都内でミートアップや勉強会、ワークショップなどを開催しているのでお気軽にご参加ください。こちらのグループには100名以上のメンバーがいるのでUXについて質問したい!日本のUXについて語り合いたい!と思ったら下記のディスカッションスレッドを活用してください。ミートアップもどなたでも開催できるようになっているのでお気軽にどうぞ!一緒にIDF東京を盛り上げていきましょう~
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Upcoming meet-up

UX Study Group / 勉強会 @ Hibiya Library Cafe

event dates Dec 17, 2019, 19:00 — 21:00 (UTC +09:00)
PRONTO Library Dining, 日比谷文化図書館 B1F, Tokyo

Hi IDF Tokyo,

Let's meet up and study together at Hibiya Library in Tokyo.

✌What you can expect:
1. Visit nice libraries with cafes in Tokyo
2. For the first hour, study by yourself. Feel free to bring your laptop and study an IDF course.
3. The next 1 hr, group discussion. Share whatever you are studying and discuss with others.

✌Who should join this meetup?
1. If you're too busy to study UX / use IDF
2. If you have difficulty concentrating at home
3. If you have personal UX projects to work on and need feedback
4. If you want to meet other like minded people in Tokyo


19:00-20:00 Study Time

20:00-21:00 Sharing Time


Pronto Library Dining, Hibiya Library and Museum B1F

日比谷文化図書館 B1F

* Free event, you only need to order your own drinks.*


Hope to see you there!

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