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Conferences: D

Danish Human Computer Interaction Research Symposium 1 article
DIS - Designing Interactive Systems 9 articles
DL - ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries 17 articles
DUX - Conference on Designing for User Experiences 4 articles
Digital Cities Conference 4 articles
DPPI - International Conference on Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces 2 articles
DIAGRAMS - International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams 5 articles
DGO - International Conference on Digital Government Research 8 articles
DSV-IS - Interactive Systems: Design, Specification, and Verification - now subsumed by the EICS conference - Engineering Interactive Computing Systems 14 articles
DARE - Designing Augmented Reality Environments 1 article
DeSForM - Conference on Design and Semantics of Form and Movement 3 articles