1000. Acknowledgements

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1000.0.1 Janaki Kumar

This book could not have been written without the support of my family. My three daughters—Sahana, Sithara and Sonali—you inspire me every day, and you teach me more than I can ever hope to teach you. My husband Pravin—thank you for being my rock. You reviewed every word I wrote and were my sounding board. Thanks to the Kumar clan for being such good sports about me spending weekends and evenings in my home office writing this book.

Thanks to my mentors—Don Norman, an inspiration, who has always encouraged me to write, and on whom I count on for candid and thoughtful feedback. Thanks to Michael Arent who reviewed every chapter with care and gave me great input.

Thanks to Tim Thianthai, who created all the illustrations in this book. Tim, you are awesome! Thanks to Julien Altieri who suggested the pacman player persona. Thanks to Sahana Kumar for the early sketches and brainstorming.

Thanks to my co-author Mario for being a fun guy to work with. This book represents our many years of collaboration.


1000.0.2 Mario Herger

I thank Pacman, Angry Birds, and all other games for having given me so much joy during all the years.

Not least for the reason that my wife and I get some well-deserved rest from parenting, while our son is playing them.

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