The World’s Best Teaching Design Job

by Mads Soegaard | | 2 min read

The team behind the Interaction Design Foundation is looking for a new colleague to help with Course Development. Is it you we are looking for? Would you like to…

  • Work with the best designers in the world – from both industry and academia

  • Work from a tropical island (if you want) as long as the internet connection is great

  • Spend 90% of your time learning and perfecting your design skills

  • Help lower the cost of design education globally

  • Engage with the global UX and Design community

  • Form partnerships with the best design schools in the world

  • The position is full time and paid

About you

We are looking for someone to help us with Course Development. A real perfectionist who…:

  • Has hands-on experience with design (in the broadest sense of that term)

  • Is ambitious, result-oriented, friendly, and works efficiently.

  • Is self-motivated and loves to see tangible results.

About our work culture

  •  We love results, productivity, and focus – achieved through:

         - healthy work habits

- a love for what we do, and

- taking great care of each other

  • We don’t like stress, deadlines, interruptions, and meetings-for-the-sake-of-meetings. We “work smarter, not harder”.

  • We celebrate each other’s work and consider what we do a labor of love.

  • We get inspiration from books like this one and this one.

About Interaction Design Foundation, IxDF

  • We are based in Denmark with the stated goal of lowering the cost of high-quality education globally. You can read about us at

  • We reach around 8 million design-interested people every month on social media

  • We help hundreds of thousands of professional designers improve their skills and careers

  • Our educational materials are used in hundreds – if not thousands – of universities around the world.

How to apply

  • Please send a link to your portfolio/work experience/CV and a dedicated application to Mads Soegaard at 

  • Please tell us why you want to put your heart, mind and hard work into this job.

  • Apply the sooner, the better. 

Very best regards,

The team behind the Interaction Design Foundation!

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