Keep These Goals in Mind to Create Successful Service Designs

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It’s important to have a good understanding of the ideal goals of service design—we need to know what to reach for if we want to create great service experiences! Here Frank explains the origins and goals of service design, so we know what to strive for in our own designs.

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It’s important not to get lost in the details when we design services. To avoid this, we need to know what goals to strive for. We can use a cheat sheet listing the goals of service design together with tips for achieving a first-class standard.

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Create Successful Service Designs by Using These Goals & Tips Create Successful Service Designs by Using These Goals & Tips
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References and Where to Learn More

See how Nielsen Norman defines service design in Service Design 101

Here’s Lou Downe on what we mean by service design

15 principles of Good Service Design

Watch Jamin Hegeman’s video So you want to be a service designer

Read Lynn Shostack’s article from 1984 on Designing Services That Deliver


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