Course Description

Ask yourself, is your website or app being used effectively? Are your users/customers as satisfied as they could be? What makes your users/customers come back? In this course, you will learn the methods to answer these questions with confidence - and backed by solid evidence.

Great usability is one of the key factors in keeping your users engaged and pleased on your website or app. For example, mobile users are five times more likely to abandon a website if the usability for mobiles is poor and 79% of them will find a competitor website to complete their task(*). In addition, a recent Google study shows that you have about five seconds to show users exactly what they are looking for before 61%(*) of them will move on. This means that you need to continually perform usability testing as a core part of your development process.

This course is built on evidence-based approaches as well as solid evidence distilled from decades of research and practice. The course is taught by the CEO of, Frank Spillers, who is a distinguished speaker, author, and internationally respected Senior Usability practitioner.

In completing this course you will know

  • How to do usability testing
  • How to configure a usability test and set test goals
  • How to build a usability test plan using best practices
  • How to pull off a usability test smoothly and effectively
  • How to report your usability test observations

Who should enroll

This course is essential to anyone involved in designing websites, apps or physical products. For example:

  • UX, UI and Web designers – both beginners and advanced
  • Marketers
  • Developers
  • UX Team leads
  • Product designers and industrial designers

* Source: Google Mobile Survey 2012

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