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Ian R Stokol

Maintaining a Work-Life Balance and Still Developing Continuously

As a Digital Producer I need a broad range of knowledge to be able to effectively communicate throughout a digital project and somehow I have to keep on top of learning, my demanding workload and my deserving family life too.

What were your goals and motivations when you joined the Interaction Design Foundation?

I’ve been managing digital projects since the 1980s and without much in the way of training except for on the job learning and personal interest. I’ve spent the last 5 years developing my experience in Agile and UX Design; I wanted to find out what I didn’t know. It turns out that I already knew quite a bit and yet, there was still plenty for me to learn. Education in these areas gives me confidence and helps me avoided wasted efforts. It’s also help to reinvigorate and renew my interest in my career and allowed me to set goals, demonstrate control and to feel truly positive about the future.

Ian R Stokol
Ian R Stokol
Head of Design Studio | Digital Foundry | Computershare, &
Jan Juc VIC Australia
Ian R Stokol works with organizations and leads teams to understand their customers’ desired outcomes — then plan, align, create and deliver customer-centric experiences. He works with a blend of CX management, UX Design and project management skills.

How did the Interaction Design Foundation help you with your career?

Here in Australia most UX practitioners come from a business analytics or HCI background or learn on the job with a seasoned mentor; many of these folks keep their learning close to their chest. The Interaction Design Foundation has given me a deep and broad understanding of UX, UI and interaction design. This gives me the confidence to manage cross-functional, multi-disciplinary Agile teams in the SDLC and complex enterprise web design space. I have to be able to communicate effectively and keep control over these projects – the training I have done and am continuing to do, with the Interaction Design Foundation, helps me perform my role effectively, efficiently and most importantly – enjoyably.

What do you like best about the Interaction Design Foundation? What have you learnt that changed your career?

What I love about the Interaction Design Foundation is the quality of the education combined with the ability to do it at my own pace. I need a balance between work and family life and the freedom to learn in my own time is essential. I also find that Interaction Design Foundation is on a continuous journey of improvement with a focus on quality and range of courses across design disciplines and raising the value of their certifications to the level of being recognized as university equivalent. The staff of the Interaction Design Foundation is accessible, responsive and dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and member customer service that I have ever encountered.

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