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Jussi Karlgren


Publications by Jussi Karlgren (bibliography)

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Karlgren, Jussi, Sahlgren, Magnus, Olsson, Fredrik, Espinoza, Fredrik and Hamfors, Ola (2012): Usefulness of sentiment analysis. In: Proceedings of the 2012 BCS-IRSG European Conference on Information Retrieval 2012. pp. 426-435.

What can text sentiment analysis technology be used for, and does a more usage-informed view on sentiment analysis pose new requirements on technology development?

© All rights reserved Karlgren et al. and/or Springer

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Karlgren, Jussi, Eriksson, Gunnar, Sahlgren, Magnus and Tckstrom, Oscar (2010): Between Bags and Trees - Constructional Patterns in Text Used for Attitude Identification. In: Gurrin, Cathal, He, Yulan, Kazai, Gabriella, Kruschwitz, Udo, Little, Suzanne, Roelleke, Thomas, Rger, Stefan M. and Rijsbergen, Keith van (eds.) Advances in Information Retrieval - 32nd European Conference on IR Research - ECIR 2010 March 28-31, 2010, Milton Keynes, UK. pp. 38-49.

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Karlgren, Jussi, Holst, Anders and Sahlgren, Magnus (2008): Filaments of Meaning in Word Space. In: Macdonald, Craig, Ounis, Iadh, Plachouras, Vassilis, Ruthven, Ian and White, Ryen W. (eds.) Advances in Information Retrieval - 30th European Conference on IR Research - ECIR 2008 March 30-April 3, 2008, Glasgow, UK. pp. 531-538.

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Bjork, Staffan, Holmquist, Lars Erik, Redstrom, Johan, Bretan, Ivan, Danielsson, Rolf, Karlgren, Jussi and Franzen, Kristofer (1999): WEST: A Web Browser for Small Terminals. In: Zanden, Brad Vander and Marks, Joe (eds.) Proceedings of the 12th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology November 07 - 10, 1999, Asheville, North Carolina, United States. pp. 187-196.

We describe WEST, a WEb browser for Small Terminals, that aims to solve some of the problems associated with accessing web pages on hand-held devices. Through a novel combination of text reduction and focus+context visualization, users can access web pages from a very limited display environment, since the system will provide an overview of the contents of a web page even when it is too large to be displayed in its entirety. To make maximum use of the limited resources available on a typical hand-held terminal, much of the most demanding work is done by a proxy server, allowing the terminal to concentrate on the task of providing responsive user interaction. The system makes use of some interaction concepts reminiscent of those defined in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), making it possible to utilize the techniques described here for WAP-compliant devices and services that may become available in the near future.

© All rights reserved Bjork et al. and/or ACM Press

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Karlgren, Jussi and Straszheim, Troy (1997): Visualizing Stylistic Variation. In: HICSS 1997 1997. pp. 78-.

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Karlgren, Jussi (1996): Assessed Relevance and Stylistic Variation. In: Proceedings of the 19th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval 1996. p. 340.

Texts vary not only by topic. Indeed, stylistic variation between texts of the same topic is often at least as noticeable as the variation between texts of different topic but same genre. This variation is straightforward to compute; distinguishing genres can be done with reasonable precision. This experiment uses a large collection of documents and information retrieval queries, where a subset of documents have been hand-judged for relevance to the queries. The experiment shows that this subset differs significantly from the rest of the corpus in terms of the stylistic metrics studied. This variation is more marked if the corpus is partitioned into stylistically homogeneous subcorpora. It remains to be investigated how general the results are. They may be at least partly an effect of the underlying text genres; they are certainly to a large extent an effect of the specific task and information retrieval scenario the human judges sought to emulate. This experiment shows that for a certain set of users and for a certain scenario a clear bias towards certain types of text can be found: these results should be taken as a starting point in investigating how situations affect measures of stylistic variation.

© All rights reserved Karlgren and/or ACM Press

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Karlgren, Jussi (1994): Reply to Fraser and Wrigley or Definitely Not the Last Word on Language Varieties. In Interacting with Computers, 6 (1) pp. 109-110.

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Karlgren, Jussi (1993): Sublanguages and Registers: A Note on Terminology. In Interacting with Computers, 5 (3) pp. 348-350.

The term sublanguage from mathematical linguistics confuses interaction researchers and leads them to believe that implementing natural language interfaces is easier than it is. The term register from sociolinguistics is proposed instead.

© All rights reserved Karlgren and/or Elsevier Science

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Hook, Kristina, Karlgren, Jussi and Waern, Annika (1993): Inferring Complex Plans. In: Gray, Wayne D., Hefley, William and Murray, Dianne (eds.) International Workshop on Intelligent User Interfaces 1993 January 4-7, 1993, Orlando, Florida, USA. pp. 231-234.

We examine the need for plan inference in intelligent help mechanisms. We argue that previous approaches have drawbacks that need to be overcome to make plan inference useful. Firstly, plans have to be inferred -- not extracted from the users' help requests. Secondly, the plans inferred must be more than a single goal or solitary user command.

© All rights reserved Hook et al. and/or ACM Press

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