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Hi all the UX/UI interested people in Brisbane. This is a local group in Brisbane to talk about Interaction Design, User Experience, Customer Experience , Creative Digital Design and any related topic. Main goal of this group is to promote UX and help each other out to become better designers. Our mission is to organise catch-ups, meetings, workshops or UX coffee moments to grow in the field of UX. The group is still rather new and we have yet to settle on dates for a meeting. Please all the interested members in and around Brisbane, join our page here on IDF and/or facebook and help get the ball rolling. We hope to meet, share ideas and discuss and learn from each other. Let’s start our network and have fun together. Please join us: You will expand your professional network in Brisbane, learn a lot, and have fun!
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Make IDF Brisbane come alive! Discussions are the best way to connect with your fellow peers in Brisbane. Ask questions, share insights and post tips to members of IDF Brisbane. Let’s all make the networking come alive!