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We welcome <strong>you</strong> to the IDF Oklahoma City local group! </br></br> Located in the center of the State of Oklahoma, IDF Oklahoma City strives to be an approachable, interactive, and inclusive vanguard for interaction design and UX education for Oklahoma. </br></br> We take a more <strong>workshop focused / group based approach</strong> to our meetings to give you a controlled environment to experiment, apply the skills and techniques you've learned in IDF courses, and maximize your ability to connect with other HCI, UX, design, IA, and application development professionals in the area. </br></br> We're glad to have you here and make sure you <a href="">Introduce Yourself</a> to the group in the introduction discussion!
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Upcoming meet-up

Presentation: User Research that Doesn't Suck

event dates Dec 19, 2018, 11:30 — 12:30 (UTC -06:00)
Starspace 46, 1141 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Clevyr UX designer Tory Schwaner will be giving a presentation on how to make UX research more fun!

She will talk about user research and how it intersects with the way people are solving their problems right now. In design thinking, there are a multitude of research tools at our fingertips and she willl dive into what a few of those are such as contextual inquiry and user interviews.

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