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Local Paid Event - WomenHack - St Louis 01/31

event dates Jan 31, 2019, 19:00 — 21:30 (UTC -06:00)
TBD - Please check event website, St Louis, MO 63101, St. Louis, Missouri


WomenHack gives you 15-20 face-to-face meetings (5 minutes each) with top tech companies in your city. Events are organized in a rapid format to keep it engaging and include a happy hour where you can meet even more companies and network.


Get an insider’s perspective on the various interesting technologies and projects that companies are working on, and the opportunity to meet engineers, managers, and even CTOs face-to-face. Learn about companies’ benefits and team culture firsthand.

Meet and network with other fellow women in tech and build your network of trusted industry contacts. Healthy food and beverages are always provided!

Ticket and more information HERE.

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