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Welcome to IDF Krakow. We are a growing group of people with mixed backgrounds who are interested in Interaction Design, User Experience, Customer Experience and Creative Digital Design. The group is still rather new and we have yet to settle on dates for a meeting. Please all the interested members in and around Krakow, join our group here on IDF and/or facebook and help get the ball rolling. We hope to meet, share ideas and discuss and learn from each other. Let's start our network and have fun together. Please join us: You will expand your professional network in Krakow, learn a lot, and have fun! Well, that was the super de-personalized intro that was provided by the amazing people that run the IDF. Now, a few words from me, Peter (local leader as of 11.09.2019 - we'll see for how long :) ). Hey! It's really cool that you've joined the group. I'm probably really nervous that you did, since right about now I'm getting an email from IDF letting me know that you are a new member. I'm probably thinking of ways to say "hi" and googling your name to learn a bit about you so I can make introductions to other members during our next meetup. You gonna come, right? We've got cookies (and beer). If you're feeling a bit alienated and unsure where to start or who or what to talk to, just email me at or call me a +48 606 577 999. Email me, call me, text me, I'll tell you everything that has gone on, who do we have here and what does the community do. Most of the topics will probably be in Polish but if need be, I'll set up something in English as well. I'm really glad that you're here. Really. Talk to you soon!

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  • Magdalena Kudłacz
  • Oscar Andersson
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