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IDF Vienna is a group especially created for Interaction Design enthusiasts where one can openly discuss ideas and improve their knowledge in this domain. Enlarge your experience in this domain through: -physical meetings where you can discuss the newest topics in the domain -courses, workshops and other study materials -key speakers in the field To put it short, get up-to-date to the latest achievements in the field of Interaction Design. The group is open for anybody so I would like to invite you, your colleagues, your local designer friends, and anyone else you know who may be interested to join a new and exciting IDF Local Group right here in Vienna.

  • Joerg Linder
  • Emil Vadana
  • Jo-Ann Bishop
  • Prathamesh Ghate
  • Daniel Noriega
  • Philipp Klein
  • Lisa Weishäupl
  • Pritam Dasgupta
  • … and 120 more members
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